Entropic Cyno and How It Came To Be

By Karak Soon (27 May 2012)

Karak sat back on his couch in the rented dock and contemplated the last few months.  A lot had happened since SAS and with it Alpha Corp had been run out of 0.0.  After months Alpha came through and with the help of a cynosaural field here and there, he’d received most of his stuff from B-7DFU.  That was very important as the T2 scrap he’d been carrying around for a year or more and a little investment allowed him to train up the skill and build his own Hulk mining ship which in turn let him build his own finances up to a reasonable amount.  He wasn’t rich, but he could get by.  No billions for Karak.  With the economy in the tank, that had allowed him to find a small corp in need of help and help it grow.  Over the six months with PVE 42 , he and Synica had helped to build it up from a few relative noobs into its own capable entity.  During that time he had purchased an Orca mining support vessel and ran several ops to everyone’s profit.  Then, the CEO disappeared and the corp floundered.  They tried to keep it going by doing ops and building and selling items in the local market, but it just didn’t bloom.  Then, that too changed.

Spork Witch, an old friend from the SAS days contacted Synica and, having been run out of 0.0 again, said he was looking for something a little lower key than the great wars.   Spork and several of his closest friends started mining with PVE 42 and the ISK started rolling in.  Spork’s team were such awesome miners that Karak had to use his Orca as a hauler to keep Spork’s Orca from filling up too fast.  PVE 42 prospered… but, was still absent a CEO.   The PVE 42 Management team had to make a decision.

Karak had a jump clone in the Solitude Low-Sec Triangle that he had been checking on recently and he’d found it to be pretty quiet and easy to get along there.  He made friends in the triangle, particularly Kali Katz who had ties with a couple of the local alliances.  It started to look like a good idea to move back to the triangle.

Preparations began with Karak’s good friend Mantral Kroth, leaving PVE 42.  As Mantral didn’t have any jump clones and we wanted to maintain a presence in Reset and in Solitude, at least for a while, a plan was formed where Mantral would blaze the trail and everyone would end up in a new corp with a presence in Solitude.  Here is what happened in his words:

“  I, Mantral Kroth, hereby resign all roles in the Corporation known as PVE 42.  I wish to strike out on my own and see the world afar.”


Jump Clones

From: Mantral Kroth

Sent: 2012.04.29 12:20

To: Karak Soon,

Greetings Pseudo-Corpies!

After leaving PVE42 I ended up in one of the noob corps. (I can’t even remember which one)  I then applied to Estel Arador Corp Services which offers a free jump clone service as described here:


If you choose to take the route to the new corp. (tentative name: Soonian Shipbuilding),  You should do the following:

  1. Make sure you’re in the “Lorex Cantina” channel as this will be your only link to us while you change corps.
  2. Learn Infomorph Psychology and train up to at least level 3.  This determines how many clones you can have.  I bought a few of the books and they’re in the PVE42 corp hangar in Reset 7-11.
  3. Quit PVE42 (2 step process) by right clicking on your avatar in a chat channel and choose “Quit Corporation –> Remove All Roles and Grantable Roles?”  At that point you will no longer have access to PVE42 resources.
  4. Click on the link above to Estel Arador Corp Services and apply to the corp.  I put “Thank you” in the application just for fun.  Within 24 hours you should be in your new temporary corp!  YOU CAN ONLY STAY IN Estel Arador Corp Services FOR 3 DAYS, so plan ahead.  It may be best not to make any friends there. <grin> I didn’t speak in corp.
  5. Go to a station with a medical bay (a list will be presented later) and purchase a Jump Clone (they’re 100,000 ISK).  YOU CANNOT HAVE MORE THAN ONE JUMP CLONE AT ANY STATION.  There’s you and then there’s your jump clone in a station. More on that later.
  6. Immediately fly to another station with a Medical facility and buy another jump clone.  Repeat until you reach your Infomorph Psychology level.  Stations with med bays around Reset include:

Reset 7-11

Reset V-14

Eygfe VII=9

Altrinur XI-3

Altrinur XII-15

Altrinur XII-2

Altrinur XIII-3

So, Altrinur may be a good place to do this, so you just fly between stations

Now that you have your clones, what do you do?

  1. Check the corp page and make a donation to Estel Arador Corp Services, then quit the corp.
  2.  Join the new corp (name to be announced in Lorex Cantina and probably a corp mail in PVE42 before Karak leaves).
  3. Your jump clones are listed in your character sheet under Jump Clones (imagine that)
  4. Never jump to a jump clone in the station you’re in,  Always fly somewhere else first, then jump in.
  5. Fly your new jump clone to a distant location that you’d like to do stuff, like use the Level 3 Poteque agent in <whereever> or join the new corp in Solitude. (you did keep Lorex Cantina in your chat list, right?)  All your stuff can stay in the Reset area and you can fly a shuttle to Oerse or wait till we find a wormhole to fly through and avoid low sec.  When you get to Solitude, the new corp will help you get established of figure out how to get some of your stuff to Solitude.  Spork Witch has a jump-capable ship which can be used, but we need to plan as few trips as possible as fuel costs ISK.

Well, ask questions if you have them and decide what you want to do.  My plan is to keep operating in both areas and use the jump clones to move back and forth as needed.

Fly Safe Pseudo-Corpies!

– Mantral

Karak:  Mantral continued to supply information to PVE 42 via EVEmail to me, which I then distributed to the corp.


Getting to Solitude from Reset

From: Mantral Kroth

Sent: 2012.04.29 12:59

To: Karak Soon,

Greetings Pseudo-Corpies!

The way to Solitude

Okay Mr. Wizard, I’ve got a Jump Clone.  How do I get it to Solitude safely?

First off, who told you life was safe or fair?  I’ll get them!

Now with that out of the way.  All things in EVE incur risk.  We can, however, minimize the risk.  We’ve done some of that by getting you a Jump Clone in the first place.  Your new Jump Clone has no implants as you may have noticed.  That means that you won’t lose any implants should you die.  Also remember that when you jump into a new clone, you’re there for 24 hours minimum.

In order to occupy a jump clone you must pause your training and leave your ship, as in be in your capsule.


Oerse in Solitude is a long way from Reset, but if my information is still correct, we can get there by using a route that avoids the 0.0 areas and just fly through a few low sec systems.  With thanks to Archie01, I present the route to Solitude:

Bherdasopt -> Van -> Yvelet

So from Reset to Bherdasopt is 22 jumps, all high sec.  I recommend a shuttle as they’re fast.  You can autopilot if you want.  Fast becomes very important in low sec.

From Bherdasopt (0.5)  to Van (0.3) is 5 jumps.  This takes you through low sec.  DO NOT AUTOPILOT through low sec!  Plan ahead..

When you get to Van you need to set course for Yvelet (0.8) immediately!  BEFORE YOU MOVE OR DECLOAK.  It’s 11 jumps through low sec.  Best of Luck.

When I went to Solitude most of these systems were empty and no one was on any of the gates.  Your mileage may vary.

When you get to Yvelet (0.8) set course for Oerse (6 jumps through high sec) and dock at any station.  We can figure out later which station we’ll get a corp office in and call home.

When traveling through low sec remember:

  1. The cloak provided by a gate jump is your friend.  It gives you a little time to assess the situation before you jump to the next system.
  2. WATCH LOCAL it will tell you how many potential enemies are in the system.
  3. When you move you decloak, so don’t move until you’re jumping to the next system.
  4. Since you’re in a shuttle you’re a low value target, but some will take any target they can get.
  5. If you jump into a system with others, don’t worry about them if they’re not right at the gate.  It will take them time to see that you’re in system and react.  Think about your next jump and warp to the next gate.  If there’s no baddies there you can jump through and worry about the next system.
  6. If you jump into a system with baddies, REMEMBER you’re CLOAKED and DON’T PANIC!  If you initiate warp to the next gate you’ll move fast when you decloak and they may not be able to target you before you’re gone.  They usually have to target you to slow you down or catch you.  The danger is a warp bubble which can be anchored in 0.3 and below or an interdictor (type of ship) and the likelyhood of seeing either outside 0.0 is pretty low.
  7. You can ignore rats at gates for the same reasons listed above.

Well, guys and gals.  Best of luck and I’ll see you in Solitude.

– Mantral


New Corp stand-up by Mantral Kroth

From: Karak Soon

Sent: 2012.05.02 09:25

To: PVE 42, Spork Witch,


Establishment of the new corp is underway.

New corp is:

Entropic Creations Corporation [ENTCR]

Entropic Creations Logo

and our slogan is:

“If you’re mining or blowing stuff up, entropy is your friend.”

So far the only office is in Oerse in Solitude, but Mantral will JC soon to Reset area and we can pick an office here.  For comparison purposes the office rent in Oerse is under 34K isk/month.  Please suggest a station in the Reset area.

Go ahead and work out your jump clones and fly one, carefully, to Oerse.  Among our contacts there is Kali Katz

Another is Varchesse of Xoth Inc, Omega Vector Alliance.  Good guys.  Also in the area is Black Thorn Alliance of which he says, ” they’re just the local carebears, but numerous”.  so as far as I can tell both groups should be friendly to us.

More when we know more.

Fly safeish,


Entropic News

From: Karak Soon

Sent: 2012.05.03 09:35

To: PVE 42, Mantral Kroth,  Spork Witch,


Entropic Creations Corp is happy to announce that recruitment is open.  Who might you ask is our first employee after Mantral Kroth?  Well we have four!   Spork Witch, Contessa Phedre, S. Burns and S. Smithers.  It was a happy surprise for me too.

Still looking for an office in Reset area.  First two I checked are 15 and 30 mil.  Quite a bit more expensive than in Solitude.  Anyway we could probably swing either if we have to.  Ideas welcome.  Once we choose an office in this area we’ll move corp assets to it.

At some point we’ll move some stuff from the Reset Area to Solitude, so start thinking about what you need to take there and remember we plan to continue ops in both locations using jump clones, so don’t plan on sending everything you own.  Start small and think big later.  Suggested items: Skill Books.  They’re harder to get in Solitude so they can be profitable.  For yourself you can always train in Reset.

Join the channel called “slomo”  It’s Kali Katz’s channel (I think) and so far is a great place to meet friendlies in Solitude.

*** This has changed as the channel was infiltrated during a small Goon invasion of solitude, which has now passed.

Take Care,




From: Mantral Kroth

Sent: 2012.05.02 10:06

To: Grim Thanatos,  Karak Soon,  Maureen Ovaert,  Spork Witch,  Synica Jones,


Got a good welcome today:

Calgrune > ya’ll r more than welcome to come out here to soli and set up shop

He’s a director in his corp.

Take Care,



The following month started with a few of us starting operations in Solitude with an uneasy peace between us and the locals made more difficult by local troublemakers and a minor GoonFleet invasion.  In the first half of Hulkageddon, there was no presence in Solitude, but eventually GoonFleet came in and for a week or so was terrorizing the area.  Fortunately they had bigger fish to fry and have since mostly retreated to wherever they went.


From: Karak Soon

Sent: 2012.05.07 02:31

To: Mantral Kroth,  Spork Witch,


I am now in Entropic Creations.

Mined 31,200 Oxygen Isotopes for you in Niballe on Saturday.

Sunday met up with Meysim, formerly of Alpha Corp and almost saved his POS, but due to a recent association with Terra Firma Alliance (who have now left the area), Omega Vector (our new friends) felt they had to pop it and did so.  At least I got him into Slomo channel so he can now make nice with them.

I also met up with Xibala and now he intends to join us in Solitude.  He may be bringing stuff to Reset area for transport in his newly purchased freighter.

Now I’m flying a cyno equipped Catalyst with 2800 oxygen isotopes, XX jumps to [location redacted], which is next to [location redacted].   *** Note my error – From refining blue ice I noted that the most numerous of the results was oxygen isotopes.  Unfortunately for Cyno Fuel I needed is Liquid Ozone, another product of refining blue ice.  This had to be rectified later.

Depending on the situation there I hope to scout out the stations in [location redacted], but I might have to fly the 24 jumps back to [location redacted],  to get a cloaky ship to do it in.  More when I know more.

Take Care,


With lots of work by Spork, we then received the following:

Soli Triangle channel

From: DarkMoth

To: Strydur, Karak Soon, Kali Katz, CapBaby IX, Jamtech Lingo

Currently all corp’s list below are set to allowed that are blue have access to freely join in on this new comm channel for us all to make things quiet simplier indeed “[channel name redacted]”.

DarkMoth (OV)

Kali Katz (SLO-MO)

CapBaby IX (TCUP)

Strydur (DRGNS.)

Jamtech Lingo (NOS)

Karak Soon (ENTCR)


Blue with Rock Grinders
From: Spork Witch
Sent: 2012.05.26 13:10
To: Entropic Creations Corporation,

We have now confirmed mutual blue status with Rock Grinders [RCK G].

Be aware, this only applies to RCK G themselves, and only in Solitude. Their alliance has us as neutral, and if they are on ops, there is the potential for friendly fire in Syndicate space.

RCK G diplo DaPlagueiam says you should be fine as long as you’re here in Solitude.

RCK G shows as light-blue to indicate this detail; other blues are dark blue and should not fire upon you anywhere.

Remember to always report friendly fire incidents up the chain.

This led to a discussion of how corp and personal standings are manged with the conclusion:

“Your personal standings settings, by default, will override corp standings settings. That is, if the corp has their corp set to +5, and YOU have their corp (or a member of it) set to +10 or -5, that will be the standing shown.”

It would be a good idea to remove your personal standings to any corps, if you have any.

Well, with blue status improving locally, the Cyno jump path set up and with a last minute fuel purchase, Spork, Xibala, Contess Phedre and I, made Entropic Creation’s first successful Cyno from near high sec to the Solitude Triangle.   This brought in many thousands of M3 of material needed by the corp and should be followed by many more.  Great work guys!

Spork Cyno’s into the mid point on his way to Solitude.


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