Ignorance Is Its Own Reward

LOREX Mining Op 03 October 111 (2009)

By Karak Soon

Today the Lorentzian Expeditionaries mounted a mining op like no other in their history together.  We were able to put two Orca mining support vessels, four miners and a hauler on the field of battle against the asteroids.  I do not use the term battle lightly as the day would prove significant for the internal battle which each of us faced and the external battle we so proudly avoided.

Orca and Miners

Experience level in the Op today is wide ranging from Markus, with his years of experience and recently returned from his encounter with slavers, to OtoBnAggie who brought a Catalyst destroyer to the field and contributed the best he could.    Tismon hauled with his rigged Mammoth.   Markus and Sniklif flew the Orcas and boosted everyone’s productivity.  Alomar, Nano, Niatra and I all mounted Hulks, the mightiest of mining vessels.

The Op proceeded normally for about ¾ of the allotted time with the usual chatter on the LOREX Cantina channel, then things got interesting.  Injected in the middle of a conversation about Tismon’s Mammoth came a chilling announcement from Markus.

Oto mining with a Catalyst

[LOREX] Markus Reese > possible flipper, pull cans

Followed by some confused chatter, but strong leadership won out.

[LOREX] Markus Reese > got a flip

[LOREX] Markus Reese > don’t touch your can oto

[LOREX] Karak Soon > with a rifter he can’t steal much.  2 year pirate.

Combusting Llama – Can Flipper.

[LOREX] Alomar82 > yeah leave him alone

[LOREX] Markus Reese > he is a flipper

[LOREX] nanophite2345 > but he placed a can and is making trips

[LOREX]  Markus Reese > somebody shoots, come and kills all

I felt the channel needed some levity to ease the tension, so I used my most potent weapon on the can flipper: Humor.

[LOREX]  Karak Soon > Somebody give him a wedgie

Followed by confusion.

[LOREX] Alomar82 > k got your can karak

[LOREX] Karak Soon > Hey my can disappeared.

[LOREX] Karak Soon > ok

Oto asked a question and we didn’t understand he was talking about a yellow can…

[LOREX] OtoBnAggie > can i drop in this can ?

Oto wisely did nothing and waited for a chance to ask again.

[LOREX] Niatra > mine too (disappeared)

[LOREX] Tismon > he attacking them?

[LOREX] Markus Reese > yup, I hauled them in case of flip

[LOREX] Markus Reese > he flagged himself to us if you notice

[LOREX] Karak Soon > we could bump him…

Alomar, a long time friend among capsuleers has about the same time in a pod as I do and joined Lorentzian Expeditionaries shortly after I did.  He, however, has more combat experience than I do and has observed more can flipping than I have.

[LOREX]  Alomar82 > leave him

[LOREX] Alomar82 > oto dont drop any cans

Markus realized that we needed to protect the ore we’d mined and do it in such a way as to not provoke the can flipper and any buddies he may have in the area.

[LOREX] Markus Reese > alo, if you can haul for a bit so tis can unload me

Then it happened, a moment I’d dreaded, but fortunately my training told me that the can flipper has many tools to provoke.

[LOREX] Karak Soon > locked me

The Flippin’ Rifter

Fortunately I remembered Markus’ many discussions about “Ninjas” in missions, kept my discipline and did nothing.  I was soon followed by Niatra who also kept her cool and Markus explained to the newer capsuleers.

[LOREX] Niatra > targeted me

[LOREX] Karak Soon > unlocked

My breathing resumed.

[LOREX] Markus Reese > He’s trying to get an autotarget

[LOREX]  Alomar82 > kk

[LOREX] Karak Soon > he’s trying to pick a fight

Oto kept his discipline and had done nothing for several minutes.  He took this chance to make his dilemma known.

[LOREX]  OtoBnAggie > i am confused.

[LOREX] Karak Soon > don’t do anything

[LOREX] OtoBnAggie > can I drop into a can or not..the one by me is yellow and says wor

WOR was the can flipper’s corp, Wings of Redemption.  Markus provided the explanation, Alomar and I provided encouragement.

[LOREX]  Markus Reese > He stole from your can hoping you will take it back so he can kill you.

[LOREX] Alomar82 > just dock if your not sure

[LOREX] Karak Soon > could be spearhead for a group.

[LOREX]  Markus Reese > yup

The clock kept ticking and we all kept mining…  Markus had a plan..

[LOREX] Niatra > well I am full so just wait???

 [LOREX] Markus Reese > so what we do now is gather closer to an orca, form up by snik  then you can unload directly to him. I am going to dump then warp to you niatra.

Then, apologetically, he realized his time away had blunted his leadership a bit.

[LOREX] Markus Reese > sorry, I forgot this backup plan… two hulks with snik, two with me.

[LOREX]  Niatra > I am close to snik go to him or wait for you?

[LOREX] Karak Soon > heading for snick

Intertwined with the movement orders, a question and an answer.

[LOREX] OtoBnAggie > if he stoll from me then shouldt i get a flag saying aggression or something?

[LOREX]  Markus Reese > he will be red to you if you have it set for such he wants you to not pay atention and take your can back.  Goto snik and unload.

[LOREX] Markus Reese > K, alo and karak with snik

[LOREX] Markus Reese > nano and niatra, I will be warping to niatra

I was so pleased with everyone’s discipline that I felt I had to say something to encourage everyone for their inaction.  Strange as it sounds, this was a time when the best policy was to do nothing.

[LOREX] Karak Soon > Good discipline people!

[LOREX] Markus Reese > ye sorry guys, a month off made my brain rusty

[LOREX]  Karak Soon > oto if he’s bugging you just dock

[LOREX]  OtoBnAggie > he isnt doing anything

Markus injected his own form or humor.

[LOREX] Markus Reese > yup, don’t let a piece of balogne spoil your day

This can flipper wasn’t done trying to provoke us.

[LOREX] Karak Soon > bumpped me

[LOREX] Markus Reese > lol, trying to annoy us, but we are too pro for that

Time marches on…

[LOREX] Karak Soon > Funny he hasn’t gotten bored yet

And the business of mining continued…

[LOREX] Markus Reese > tismon, you can just alternate warping between us for full loads

[LOREX]] Tismon > kk

Oto, remaining calm on the outside, asked another question.

[LOREX] OtoBnAggie > is it the fleet that is pulling me so far out?

[LOREX] Karak Soon > no he’s bumping you

Alomar had to ask the question, but kept his professional head about him.

[LOREX] Alomar82 > should i get my enyo out and have some fun with him?  Not shooting.

[LOREX]  Markus Reese > they are looking for people wanting a fight

[LOREX] Alomar82 >   k.  I’ll stand down 🙂

[LOREX] Karak Soon > He probs picked otto out as the newest player.

[LOREX] Alomar82 > i have enyo on the orca just in case

Markus had also taken time to check out our adversary.

[LOREX] Markus Reese > should be fine, and this corp/alliance we don’t want a fight

I wanted to make sure Oto understood the tactics and that we were all looking out for him.

[LOREX] Karak Soon > Oto don’t take anything he puts out.

[LOREX] OtoBnAggie > nope

[LOREX] OtoBnAggie > can I get a secure container or something?

[LOREX] Markus Reese > oh, easier way.  Fly to me, unload direct to orca

Finally it seemed like the nightmare was over…

[LOREX] Karak Soon > YAY, He warped off.   (I assume it’s good)

Then something you don’t want to hear on a battlefield.

[LOREX]  Markus Reese > where did nano go?

While waiting for an explanation, Markus shared more of his experience.  And Oto voiced his concerns.

[LOREX] See, many peeps look for groups just to alt kamikaze, is why the tractor and cans from spaced out formations are used for mining.

[LOREX] OtoBnAggie > while i wont ever want to be that type of guy, i wish we had something we could do to guys like that

[LOREX] Markus Reese > ^.^

[LOREX] Alomar82 > I’ve made some frigates just for that purpose 🙂

[LOREX] Karak Soon > He couldn’t steal enough to hurt us.

[LOREX] OtoBnAggie > is true….i just would like to be able to make him rethink his lifestyle choice

[LOREX] Alomar82 > if you can 🙂

As usual our sense of humor prevailed.

[LOREX] Niatra > Sorry probably dumped it in the wrong place but I was getting nervous with him still here

[LOREX] Alomar82 > lol you turned my orca around for me.

Unfortunately Combustible Llama wasn’t done with us.

[LOREX] Markus Reese > ahh, see?  He popped in and cloaked up

[LOREX] Alomar82 > yup

[LOREX] Markus Reese > rapier

[LOREX] Karak Soon > Did you get a name/corp?

[LOREX] Markus Reese > is combustion llama

[LOREX] Karak Soon > Keep up the discipline.  Same guy different ship?

[LOREX] Markus Reese > yup.  Swapped to a force recon.  He is sitting in the belt cloaked hoping we take back the can

[LOREX]  Karak Soon > Must be really desperate

[LOREX] Markus Reese > with two orca’s this setup works well cause if somebody warps in, I can scoop the two hulks to ship bay before they can be popped.  A smartbomber will take out a miner’s pod, but might as well save 100 mil. (on the Hulk).

[LOREX] Alomar82 > ive got a fighting ship here too which can give us time to get out of dodge

[LOREX] Markus Reese > Oh, that won’t help

[LOREX] Karak Soon > can’t run from a wardek

[LOREX] Markus Reese > they come in, armageddon, fitted with smart bombs, concord kills them, but not before they take out all hulks in bomb range.  Like this with the few hulks and two orcas, if a smartbomber warps in, we can just scoop ships to bay before they pop

[LOREX] Alomar82 > I just wanna play with my toy Chet II:)

[LOREX] Markus Reese > Seems like nano wants to play too, instead of mine.

Nano’s Navy Megathron

[LOREX] Markus Reese > note nano, if you shoot, you will end up losing that ship

[LOREX] nanophite2345 > yea, I know

[LOREX] Markus Reese > okie dokie.  Just for image effect, eh?

[LOREX] nanophite2345 > yuppers

[LOREX] Karak Soon > too dark here for good pictures.

Mining continued… and I missed a message.

[LOREX] Alomar82 > ill warp everyone right on top of the station so you can make a bookmark

[LOREX] Karak Soon > cool

[LOREX] Markus Reese > one rat

[LOREX] Karak Soon > recalling drones

[LOREX] Karak Soon > what blew up?

Having missed the mention of a rat, my blood ran cold when Markus responded.

[LOREX] Markus Reese > nano

But Nano replied… and I missed that too.

[LOREX] nanophite2345 > heehee

[LOREX] Markus Reese > one frig vs navy mega

[LOREX] Alomar82 > lol

[LOREX] Markus Reese > did the bounty even pay for the ammo?

[LOREX] Karak Soon > so we’re wardekked now?

[LOREX] nanophite2345 > Well at least I got to shoot SOMETHING

[LOREX] nanophite2345 > no, it was a rat

[LOREX] Karak Soon > ok

[LOREX] Karak Soon > Thought I missed something in the rules of engagement.

[LOREX] Niatra > so are we done?

[LOREX] Karak Soon > whenever

[LOREX] Alomar82 > shall i warp everyone to station point

[LOREX] Markus Reese > if you wish to be

[LOREX] Karak Soon > kk

So the op ended without incident.  We all grew a bit that day.  Markus proved his steadfast leadership and the rest of us earned a lot of pride, knowing that we could stay the course against a determined threat.

Lesson learned: The best way to deal with a can flipper is to ignore them.

But, what about next time?


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