Serpentis? Us?

By Karak Soon (12 October 2009)

Today I was mining to cans and filled enough to fill my Bestower.   I docked the Hulk, and got my Bestower full of cans and headed out to pick up ore.   When I arrived in the belt I noticed there were two Serpentis Agents about 42Km from the can I was emptying.  I decided to leave them alone – for now.  I knew that my 150mm Carbide Rail Gun would take care of them if they got interested.  They will get interested, I thought, as the cans I was intending to empty were in a line directly toward them.  Seven cans at about 5Km distance each, would put me right in their laps before I was done.  I was alone but unconcerned as I had taken out 0.6 belt rats before with my Bestower.  I emptied cans and they got closer and closer. 40km,  35km, 20Km.  No lock, they started to move away.

Serptentis at 10K with circle - cropped

How curious.  I had never seen a belt rat behave this way before.  I finished picking up my cans and wondered how close I could get.  I could get very close.

Serpentis Agent Very Close

I got within 5K and decided to orbit one of them.  He didn’t seem to care.  I started getting dizzy from the motion, so I selected “Keep at 5Km”.  Hmm there’s a 2K setting….  Dang, engines are off, gotta travel toward it, but not too close.  I fired the engines and moved closer.

Serpentis at 223 meters cropped

223 meters.  Drifting.  I cut the engines and waited.

Serpentis Agent at 0 meters - cropped

So close the scanner error kicked in.  It reported zero meters.  Damn! Drifting.  Industrial ships are very handy to have around, but they are not graceful or svelte.  I bumped into him and the fun was over.  They both attacked me, their strange behavior forgotten.  No worries. They’re now salvage in my hangar.


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