Taranis Saurus Rex

By Karak Soon (17 October 2010)

I lost a Taranis interceptor today.  Loss 19,725,807 ISK.

Killmail - Taranis

It is in these times that we question where we are and what we are doing.  I’ve lived in 0.0 space for a month or two now and it is very different from low sec.  In low sec you seem to be under constant threat of attack, but you don’t have to worry about losing a system, because it’s not yours to lose.  Everyone in low sec is a squatter because the space is actually owned by the great empires and that’s all there is to it.  In 0.0 space you can actually lay claim to an area and thus have constant direct access to all its resources.  You can actually own it… or rent it in our case.  In either case though you then have the responsibility to defend your space against all comers.  This means that you always have to be vigilant, even while mining or attacking complexes of “rats”.  You try to monitor the local security chat channel and you get on voice coms if you can. (we use TeamSpeak)  These points are especially important if you have people wander in or outright invade your space.  We are a “Not Blue Shoot It” (NBSI) corp and alliance.  That means that we will agress against reds and neutrals.  If anyone wants to be in our space they can apply for membership in the alliance.  Otherwise, they have the whole alliance to deal with.

Home Defense Fleet

If you live in high sec (systems with a  security status of 0.5 and above), you may be familiar with a “wardec” or declaration of war between corporations.  A wardec makes all people in the other corp show up with a red marker in the overview.  In 0.0, we don’t bother with wardecs.  We rely on corporate and alliance standings.  The alliance maintains a list of corporations or individuals who we consider “bad” and this also makes them show up red on the overview.

Today, we caught a freighter and two frigates trying to traverse our space.  A call to arms was made to the SAS Home Defense Fleet and nine of us responded.  Mission: find the freighter and escort and destroy them.

They led us on a merry chase up and down an area we call “The Pipe”.  The freighter and one of his escorts evaded us.  The second escort did not.  The escorts danced with us around several gates.  As I had an interceptor, fitted for tackling, I orbited the gate at 10Km.  Most of my equipment, a web and a warp scrambler and blasters have an optimal range of about 10Km, thus they could not use the gate without coming within my range.  One of the escorts finally came into range and I tackled him and started firing.  It happened so fast I wasn’t sure I had hit him.  I did know that I at least delayed him.  Then my ship was gone and I was warping my pod to a nearby planet.

My loss of an interceptor is not all that bad when compared to the loss of the guy who took out my interceptor:

Killmail - Dramiel

Loss 94,580,458 ISK.

He lost almost 5x as much ISK as I did.  My alliance mates also made sure that my modules were recovered and I got the modules off his ship to use or sell at my discretion.  Not bad for my first kill, even if I only did 5% of the damage.


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