They Say It’s Your Birthday

By Karak Soon (15 November 2009)

It started out as a day like any other…

Brutix leaving station2

Brutix leaving station.

Karak had spent long months training and advancing through ship to reach this point.  “The Bruce” is a Gallente Battle Cruiser.  Quite suitable for soloing missions from the Level 3 agents he’d started working for.  These guys worked for Quafe.  Yeah, the beverage company.  Lot s of courier missions, but some combat too.  They occasionally asked him to go to low-sec, something that he was not yet prepared to do on a regular basis.  He was not quite ready for the wilds.

Running missions with the corp had become a regular occurrence.  Generally one of the senior corp members would lead the assault and take most of the agro.

Multiple hits

Multiple hits

The newer members would then be free to move in and take out the smaller targets which sometimes included EW frigates that would give the assault team fits by damping their speed and disrupting their tracking.  In this manner each would do his part to meet the mission goals.

Tactical Situation

Tactical Situation

Karak had learned a lot about active armor tanking and using hardeners and reppers.  Capacitor management is the key.

Lorex is a good corp and isn’t run like a lot of corps with the top people making the plans and everyone else following along without really knowing what goes on.  The Lorex Cantina channel is where all business is conducted.  The corp channel lays unused.  This open structure has been insisted upon by Markus Reese our CEO.  He has had bad experiences in corps where you never knew what was going on until it was way too late for you to help out – or survive.  Because of this we conduct all business in the Cantina.  When one of us invites a non-corp member into the Cantina they are treated as an equal with unique gifts.  It is understood that those who have not been long in the pod will have lesser skills, but it is recognized that they nonetheless, do have skills.  Those skills are encouraged and nurtured.

Karak takes aggro

Karak takes Aggro

Thus it is not unusual for non-corpies to join in our missions with us.  One such is Eleanor.  She’d been flying with us a few weeks as her corp had pretty much dissolved around her.  She hadn’t quit It yet because she now had sole possession of some of the corporate assets and felt a responsibility to keep the corp going.  At least for now.  Eleanor, though fairly new to the pod, had become shrewd and quickly picked up the lessons provided.  She saw our generosity and often returned it.

Karak had been training up to fly a battleship and finally had the skills.  He went the extra mile so that he could bypass the normal first battleship, the Dominix and go right for the cream of the crop.  The Hyperion.  The corp sometimes helped pilots out, but most of us wanted to earn our way into things.  Karak made sure he had the other skills to effectively use the ship too, like being able to use the Tech II armor hardeners and armor repairer.  There’s no sense in flying a ship that you can’t defend.  Karak had everything he needed for the Hyperion, except the IS K to buy it.

During a grueling level 4 mission taken on by several corp members and Eleanor, Nano, a corp officer, asked what we hoped to find among the wrecks as loot.  Karak threw out a comment about his birthday coming up and if they happened to find 25 million ISK he could buy himself something nice for his birthday.  The Hyperion.  The mission was completed and loot was handed out.  Karak was happy to get some modules that might be useful on the battleship.  He docked and looked at his wallet to see what kind of bounties this mission had brought.  He was dumbfounded to find out that Eleanor had given him 25 million ISK.  He stammered out a thank you and asked why.  Eleanor said simply that she wanted him to have a happy birthday.

Another mission was set up and Nano asked if Karak was coming.  Karak asked that the mission be delayed a bit while he made some decisions.  He bought the Hyperion.



It was a fine ship.  Nano and Alomar helped him take what he had collected in recent weeks and threw in some additional birthday presents.  Karak was overwhelmed at their generosity.

Soon, the Hyperion, which Karak named the “Hyperbabble” due to his inability to talk at times, was fully fit and ready for action.  The next mission was afoot!

Hyperion in warp

Hyperion in warp.

The battle raged and afterward Nano said, that Karak and the Hyperion made the battle much easier as he was able to take on the opposing battleships head on and allow the Myrmadons to pick them apart.  Nano and Alomar had their armor rep drones playfully splash their unneeded beams on the Hyperion’s shields making a light show for all to enjoy.

Hyperion with armor repper drones

Hyperion with armor rep drones.

Karak swore he would pay them all back one day.  Perhaps tomorrow, his real birthday 16 November 111, when they were planning to take on their first level five mission.







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