Hello New Eden!

Karak Soon - Pod Pilot

I am Karak Soon.  Gallente Pod pilot.  Manufacturer.  Being a manufacturer on the small scale in New Eden requires manufacturing skills, mining and occasionally combat.  Do not underestimate me.  I have spent time in High, Low and Null Sec and I have high standings with Federation Intelligence and The Quafe Corporation.

The purpose of this blog is to share some of my experiences with newer pod pilots in the hopes that they don’t crash and burn and leave the profession.  There are plenty of pilots out there who will aid in your demise.  I wish only to help you avoid them.

You will want to advance quickly, but that is not how things happen in New Eden.  If you try to advance too quicky, by hook or by crook, the denizens of New Eden will see you for what you are and destroy you.  Time heals all wounds.  Remember that “Sooner or Later” you will achieve all you desire.

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